Friday, January 14, 2005

ðe art of talking about oneself

"Omphaloskepsis" has always struck me as an Algonquin Round Table sort of word; I'm not sure of its true provenance, but it's quite cromulent.

Can a blog be constructed around itself? Ðe idea has occurred to me. It's likely ðe sort of þing ðat would wear quickly.

So, too, perhaps — sotooperhaps — are ðe 'ð's and 'þ's. Runic characters which I've restored to ðe language. 'Th' is ðe most common letter pair in ðe English language, but ðe better part of a millenium ago, it wasn't a letter pair.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Blogs! Glorious blogs! Ðey come in two shapes: ðe personal, and ðe political. Sometimes a political blog gets a bit personal, and sometimes a personal gets political — and occasionally ðere's an exception — but most seem to be primarily one or ðe oðer.

Ðis is hopefully different, but probably more personal; I look forward to seeing what I do wiþ it.

It appears ðat ðe ability to write in complete sentences pretty much puts your blog in ðe top 20% of blogs in quality; I can't promise ðis will be any better ðan ðat, but I hope I'll manage at least ðat.

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